Mixed Nuts Cover Art

November 8, 2013


Mixed Nuts by Dr. Mary Speed is now available.  The cover art is an original Elizabeth K Brown painting.  Mixed Nuts is available through in stores and online through Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Alibris, and Powells.

Book signing at EKB Studio January 28, 2012, 3pm-6pm

Book Description:

“For author Dr. Mary Speed, life consists of the duet of one talking and one listening-and she’s doing the listening. It’s her life’s mission to work with clients to discover and explore the injurious parts and move toward healing. It’s about transitions and notions and how to get through them. In Mixed Nuts, Speed shares a wide range of personal stories culled from working sixteen years as a therapist. From addiction to anxiety, compulsion, depression, obsession, panic, marital counseling, and more, she tells of conditions experienced by an array of people who needed someone to listen and help them solve their issues. Speed shows how she’s helped clients deal with the transition to retirement, to understanding a parent dating again, and how to be a better parent. Inspiring and educational, Mixed Nuts provides a realistic hope that it is possible to embrace uncertainty and to move through each day with confidence and resolve, looking forward to the next.”